Danielle Smith Guillermo PC: Eduardo Patino

Danielle Smith Guillermo PC: Eduardo Patino

What do you get when you combine dancing from age 4 with a strong aptitude for academics? A DANCE NERD. I was obsessed with dance from the first time I found out it was a thing. As the story goes, my mom and I were watching an opera on TV. She fell asleep and I continued to watch. When she woke up, I asked her what the people on stage were doing. As it turns out, it was dance. Oddly enough, she asked if i wanted her to turn it off! She had no idea what the next 30+ years would bring.

I can remember my friends Latifah and Rebecca showing me steps from their dance classes. I would close my eyes and feel every movement and seriously felt like I was the BEST dancer on earth. Finally, a bit after my 4th birthday, my parents allowed me to begin.

It has been quite a journey for me to where I am today. I grew up in a pre-professional ballet school, attended numerous summer intensives, attended a year at the State University of New York- Purchase College, and then began my professional dance career. I've danced for Avodah Dance Ensemble, Dayton Contemporary II, and ended my stage time with Sight & Sound Theatres, Lancaster, PA.

I'm the know-it-all who became a teacher as soon as it was allowed. I also took on the role of choreographer and won a thing or two! Since these roles are ongoing, I'd love for you to see what I'm up to here.

Over the years, I've honed my skills as a teacher, mentor, and choreographer. I've read everything I can get my hands on, watched countless hours of footage, and learned from the best. I apply this information to everything and everyone who listens. I LOVE this field and I'm happy to share that with you, through Dance Nerd.