Arrive, Inspired: How to Approach Classwork

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Think of class as more of an exchange than a one way street.

In each teachable moment, you are tasked with more than absorbing information from an instructor.

In each class, you are responsible for bringing your experiences, your studies, and your inspirations to the classroom. You job is to listen to instruction and then respond with the weight of all that is within you.

When you are coached on the quality of movement, you in turn, investigate it with mind and body.

When you are given a movement phrase, you return a small performance.

Come ready to give rather than waiting to be inspired.

You’ll grow on so many levels and energize those around you. You also honor the teacher for the time and effort they put into educating you.

Unsure of how to come to class filled and ready to give? Here are three easy ideas.

  • Read a book or article about the life of a dancer, a dance technique, or other creative ideas and stories.

  • Watch videos of professional performances, both past and present. (Hint: Try to watch more than an Instagram clip!)

  • Improvise at home

Regardless of the method you choose, keep learning. It pays off more than you know!


Dance Nerd

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